• Bess


New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo is a calling for us to get out of our rut and soar to new heights, that we may see the forest through the trees.

Trining Jupiter brings optimism, protection, and divine connection in whatever it is we are trying to create with love and intention.

The fixed T-square with Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars, Uranus & the North Node in Taurus is where we have felt tired, spent and burdened by the our day to day, the world, the environment, karma etc.

We can't throw in the towel just yet- Mars will soon conjunct Uranus and the North Node on August 1st and dart ahead of them by August 2nd, bringing great changes with it.

Now is the time for us to get clear about what dreams have been lying dormant recently in our hearts and manifest from that heart-centered space using the abundance of energies presently available to us at this time.