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Grounding Cosmic Energy

with Astrologer & Source Guide Bess Strzelecki

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"Intuition is a funny thing, we all have it but. . .

sometimes, when we are smack in the middle of life, it's hard to know where the optimal paths are. I find this to be true for the seemingly small day-to-day decisions as well as the game-changing ones. That is where a spiritual toolkit can come in handy. What I love most about these universal tools is that they are living systems that connect purely to Source Energy and are completely interconnected, accessible, and inclusive to everyone"

"Astrologer Bess is an intuitive in reading my birth chart. Her reading helped me understand my past lives, my gifts and my soul’s evolutionary journey." - LeAnn

Initial Consultation

Natal Chart Reading

Unlock the mystery of your Birth Chart.

Great for New Comers!

Cosmic Counseling Sessions

Transit Reading

Follow up sessions to understand current trends and how to work with the energies at hand.

Solar Return Mapping

Birthday Reading

Perfect for navigating your year ahead.

Great gift idea!

Relationship Charts

Synastry and Composite Reading 

 A look at any two two  natal charts to reveal patterns, karma, gifts and lessons between the individuals. 

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“My purpose as a Guide is to help you understand your Soul’s evolutionary journey, bringing more clarity to your experiences, gifts, and challenges in this lifetime and to serve you on your path."

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Combining the wisdom of herbs, with Astrology and Spirit's guidance to create alchemy. Many herbal ingredients are sown and cultivated employing sacred practices on Welcome House Farm.

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Bess is a licensed yoga and meditation teacher. Incorporating the practice of movement and breath to connect the body, mind and spirit.

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Wholehearted Livings Lifestyle

The Wholehearted Livings Lifestyle membership connects you to a community with others on a spiritual path. There are interactive workshops, Astro weather updates, Q&A's, and more. We are interconnected, accessible, and inclusive to everyone. 

Book a Reading by Bess.

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