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Bess Strzelecki

Bess Strzelecki is an intuitive reader and coach. She is a trained energy worker and teacher of yoga and meditation and a dedicated practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology and Shamanism, particularly within the Norse and Celtic traditions.  She uses these tools and technologies in addition to her own cultivated intuition and work with Spirit to tap into universal energies in order to help clients on their path.

Bess is based in Peraksie, Pennsylvania. She and her husband moved from New York City to Welcome House Farm in 2013. They spent several years renovating and restoring the historic property with the vision of sharing the retreat space with others in need of sanctuary, healing and renewal. They now host a variety of wellness retreats throughout the year.

"Intuition is a funny thing. We all have it, but sometimes, when we are smack in the middle of life, it's hard to know where the optimal paths are. I find this to be true for the seemingly small day to day decisions as well as the game changing ones. That is where a spiritual toolkit comes in handy.  What I love most about the runes, astrology, numerology etc. is that they are living systems that connect purely to Source, are completely interconnected, accessible and inclusive to everyone." -Bess Strzelecki




It is hard to capture in words the magnitude of the gift that Bess has. I have a high powered career and a quantitative mindset. I was open to astrology but had very little experience with it. Bess completely blew my mind with the accuracy of her understanding of my personality, my life experiences and my path. Thru multiple sessions over time she has helped me navigate very challenging times in my life both personally and professionally and has given me the faith and courage to make choices that were aligned with my values instead of out of fear. A year into our relationship, I find myself quoting things she has said in the past that have come true or ring true. Her website mentions helping you let you get to know yourself better and I can completely underwrite that is true.   She is spiritual and kind and that guides all interactions. What distinguishes her is the combination of these traits with a strong intuition and an intellectual rigor. Even just looking at her website you can see the depth of effort and diversity of training she has sought out to pursue this deep calling in the most thoughtful way. She is truly one of a kind and I am blessed to have crossed paths with her. You will not regret letting her get to know you.

Beth, New York, NY


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Star Formation

“We are the scientists, trying to make sense of the stars inside us.”

Christopher Poindexter



Bess Strzelecki: (703) 508-1070

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