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The Purpose

Wholehearted Livings presents an understanding of our cosmic connection as a lifestyle. By understanding the astrological signature sof our lives and how they manifest, we can co-create a life that is full of purpose, direction and connection. When we begin to consciously work with these energies, life becomes deeper, richer and more meaningful.


"What I love most about the runes, astrology, numerology, etc. is that they are living systems that connect purely to Source, are completely interconnected, accessible and inclusive to everyone." -Bess Strzelecki

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Meet Bess

Bess Strzelecki is an intuitive guide. She is trained in Evolutionary Astrology, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Herbalism, Runes, Tarot, Shamanism and Mediumship. She uses these tools and technologies in addition to her cultivated intuition in order to help clients on their path.

She and her husband moved from New York City to Welcome House Farm in 2014. They spent several years renovating and restoring the historic property with the vision of sharing the retreat space with others in need of sanctuary, healing and renewal. They now host a variety of wellness retreats throughout the year.

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