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Fragranced with a thousand blooms, the Perfume Garden smiles and welcomes you with its roses, such beautiful roses. Feel the magic that emanates from the tree that provides lily pond shade; I nurtured it and I loved it. The Perfume Garden has been my friend for five years, and now I give it to you. No longer mine, an eternal memory, The Perfume Garden.

The Perfume Garden

  • Floral, oriental and mysterious. Luminous citrus sits alongside rose infused orange blossom before a rich combination of ambergris and resins perfectly balance the sacred heart of sandalwood.

    Sandalwood, benzoin, labdanum, jasmine, rose, neroli, orange blossom (absolute and organic extract), petitgrain, green mandarin and ambergris. Within the fragrance are multiple rose notes and accords, neroli oils and sandalwood.

    The Fragrance Foundation Awards, Perfume Extraordinaire Finalist.

    30ml bottle.

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