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New Moon Ritual Giftbox


New Moon Ritual Box is a new offering to those that would like to incorporate or amplify a ritual practice. Each ritual box is bespoke and composed of a carefully curated collection designed to elevate the New Moon ceremony.


Each box comes with a personalized New Moon Astrology reading and video instructions. All items in the box are hand-selected for the individual, shamanically blessed, sanctified by the land, and infused with healing energy.


These may include, but are not limited to sacred oils, crystals, candles, and herbal teas of the highest quality. These boxes are crafted with the recipient in mind and formulated with highest quality and energetically resonant items.


Whether this is a gift to yourself or for another, it is our desire to help create a connection between body, mind, and spirit, and to provide you with tools to usher in abundance.

What's Included

1 Personalized New Moon Transit Reading delivered by write-up & video including how to use the ritual gift box for your sacred ceremony.

1 Ritual Kit that will include a combination of a personalized collection of ceremony items. May include but are not limited to Astrological Wholehearted Living Candle, Sacred Moonlite Oils, Soaking Salts, Gems/Crystals/Stones, and Herbal Tea.

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New Moon
Ritual Giftbox
Perfect Gift For a Friend's New Moon Ceremony
New Moon
Ritual Box
Perfect For Your New Moon Ceremony
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