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Upcoming New Moon Eclipse in Aries + Special Offer

On April 20,2023 we will have the 2nd New Moon in Aries this year with a powerful Solar Eclipse (which is three times as powerful as a regular new moon!). Tap into the energy of the New Moon Eclipse in Aries with special transit reading and ritual gift box by Bess.

The New Moon Eclipse in Aries is a powerful time for spiritual growth and transformation. As the Moon passes between the Sun and the earth, a shadow is cast upon the earth, reminding us of the delicate balance between light and darkness within ourselves and the world around us.

This celestial event offers an opportunity for us to release old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve our highest good, and to co-create new beginnings with attention and intention. By tuning into the energy of the solar eclipse, we can connect with the divine wisdom of the universe and unlock our true potential.

May this April's solar eclipse inspire you to embrace the power of change and transformation, and to trust in the journey ahead. May you find peace, clarity, and guidance as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life, and may you always remember that you are a cherished and beloved child of the universe.


✦Special Offer✦

In honor of this special eclipse season - all readings will come with a special Ritual Gift Box. Because of the time and energy required to individually craft these, there are only 10 readings and Gift Boxes offered.

What's Included in The New Moon Eclipse Reading + Ritual Gift Box?

1 Personalized New Moon Transit Reading delivered by write-up & video including how to use the ritual gift box for your sacred ceremony. 1 Ritual Kit that will include a combination of a personalized collection of ceremony items. May include but are not limited to Astrological Wholehearted Living Candle, Sacred Moonlite Oils, Soaking Salts, Gems/Crystals/Stones, and Herbal Tea.

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